Weight Loss & Nutrition Services


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Want to learn how to eat better? Looking to lose weight? Well, we have exciting news! We are teaming up with Donna Webb of Bright Sky Nutrition to better serve our patients.

Donna is a licensed dietician & certified diabetes educator. She is passionate about helping clients learn how to feel their best by what they eat. She is not your typical dietician where she will only focus on low fat and low calorie diets. Instead she encourages you to eat whole foods, as God designed. Guys, she will even tell you it’s okay to eat bacon. BACON! Come on, I know you want to meet her now. 🙂
Here is what is even more exciting, she accepts major insurances including medicare. This allows you to consult with her for 1 hour and file it with your insurance. Self pay rate is very affordable at $65 per hour.

Here are a few things she can help with:
1. Weight Loss
2. Diabetes
3. High blood pressure & High Cholesterol
4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
5. Chronic Fatigue

If you are interested in booking a consultation feel free to call our office to make an appointment! 417-332-3639.

Stay tuned for an introduction video of Donna, where she will provide some handy diet tips for you. I will post that very soon! In the meantime you can watch her deliver a healthy recipe HERE. Or stop by her Facebook Page to learn more.

As always, stay healthy and happy!

Carolyn Clark, NP-C