Peanuts, Milk & Berries: When can my child eat them?


As if parenting was not hard enough, who has time to sort through overwhelming, constantly changing, conflicting information on every single important topic?! No thank you! So, we wanted to share the low down on a common question every parent is faced with, and when Google is added to the equation, can leave you baffled and frustrated. Well the time … Read More

When should I get my Pap Smear?


January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a great time as a lady to go get your annual wellness screenings done. Most women do not know how often they should have cervical cancer screenings(pap smears) performed. More often than not I am getting the question over and over again, “Now how often am I supposed to get my pap smear?” … Read More

Menopause: What your Momma didn’t tell ya


Being a woman practitioner I take care of a lot of women. I honestly love women’s health and love helping women feel empowered with their health and wellness. One of the most common conversations I have in my practice is about Menopause. And almost always the patient will say, “Man no one tells you that it’s going to be this … Read More



You all may have seen the recent headlines regarding consumption of diet soda and risk of dementia and stroke. If not then click here to read the story. For years Americans have focused on realizing that sugary drinks are not our friend due to calories and risk for diabetes and obesity. This has caused us to shift our focus often … Read More

Stay Connected with your Primary Care Provider via Video Chats

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It’s 6 pm on Friday. Your 3 year old little boy started running a 102 fever, and has a runny nose and slight cough. Do you load him up along with your other children and head to urgent care before they close at 8 pm or can you wait out the weekend and possibly get in on Monday with your … Read More