Sunscreen and Skin Protection


Summer is here and it is already HOT outside. As we gear up to go to the pool to cool off we have to make sure and protect our skin from sun damage. We all know we should avoid tanning beds and apply sunscreen to avoid getting a dreaded skin cancer in our future. The confusing issue comes when you … Read More

Personalized Medication Treatment


Our genetics play a huge role in who we are. They decide what color our eyes will be, whether we are short or tall, and the size and shape of our nose. More importantly, our genetics also determine how we process medications. Just as we are all uniquely created and have specific traits, we are also uniquely different on how … Read More

When should I get my Pap Smear?


January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a great time as a lady to go get your annual wellness screenings done. Most women do not know how often they should have cervical cancer screenings(pap smears) performed. More often than not I am getting the question over and over again, “Now how often am I supposed to get my pap smear?” … Read More

HYPOTHYROIDISM: Why does anyone ONLY check the TSH?


After staring down at the patient’s labs in front of her Tara, my nurse practitioner student(who is fantastic!) looked up at me and said, “So I’m confused, her TSH is normal but her Free T4 is low, so what are you supposed to do with this?” My reply was, “Well do we need to treat her hormone level or her … Read More

Brush Away your Allergies


If you could brush your teeth every day and get rid of allergies would you do it? Well, if I have your attention, read on… In years past if you suffered from allergy symptoms you would simply be told you have three options: 1. Purchase over the counter medications and use daily to hopefully reduce your symptoms. 2. See an … Read More

My True Life Story with Breastfeeding:The good times & the bad


August is Breastfeeding awareness month and also the month that my family and I get to celebrate our youngest turning one. I thought it would be only fitting to share my breastfeeding journey with you. Typically I keep my posts very scientific/informational and I do want to share medical facts and helpful tips today as well. However, I want to … Read More

Poison Ivy: Facts & Fiction


Approximately 50% of the population when exposed to Poison Ivy will have a reaction. And annually it is estimated that between 25-45 million Americans have to seek medical treatment after poison ivy exposure. So here are a few facts about poison ivy and a few fictions that we can hopefully clear up for you. FACT: You can use a barrier … Read More

Weight Loss & Nutrition Services


Want to learn how to eat better? Looking to lose weight? Well, we have exciting news! We are teaming up with Donna Webb of Bright Sky Nutrition to better serve our patients. Donna is a licensed dietician & certified diabetes educator. She is passionate about helping clients learn how to feel their best by what they eat. She is not … Read More



You all may have seen the recent headlines regarding consumption of diet soda and risk of dementia and stroke. If not then click here to read the story. For years Americans have focused on realizing that sugary drinks are not our friend due to calories and risk for diabetes and obesity. This has caused us to shift our focus often … Read More

Stay Connected with your Primary Care Provider via Video Chats

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It’s 6 pm on Friday. Your 3 year old little boy started running a 102 fever, and has a runny nose and slight cough. Do you load him up along with your other children and head to urgent care before they close at 8 pm or can you wait out the weekend and possibly get in on Monday with your … Read More