Personalized Medication Treatment


Our genetics play a huge role in who we are. They decide what color our eyes will be, whether we are short or tall, and the size and shape of our nose. More importantly, our genetics also determine how we process medications.

Just as we are all uniquely created and have specific traits, we are also uniquely different on how we process medications. This is why some people take zoloft for their depression and feel great while others feel awful. It is also why certain people can take their statin for high cholesterol and have no problem while others end up with terrible muscle aches.

There is a new movement called “Personalized Medicine,” where health care providers try to personalize¬† medication therapy¬† to each individual patient. Instead of deciding on an antidepressant for you based just on your symptoms, as well the medical provider’s experience/knowledge, you would also have a genetic test to determine if you can tolerate that specific antidepressant before it was prescribed to you. This is where the science of Pharmacogenomics comes in. Take a look at this short video…

So now, instead of wondering if zoloft or prozac is the right choice for your depression or anxiety we can genetically test you and determine which is correct for you.

Our office is now happy to utilize genetic testing with a simple oral swab. We swab the cheek of your mouth and send it to a lab where in less than a week we will know how you metabolize/process medications. We can know how you process pain medications, cardiovascular medications such as statins, as well as depression and anxiety medications.

It takes the guessing out of prescribing and individualizes the plan of care for each unique patient.

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As always I hope you stay healthy and happy,

Carolyn Clark, NP-C