I recently spoke to a group of awesome mommas (AKA Branson MOPS AM) about fever in their kids. I think with the dreaded flu being so rampant right now it’s a perfect time to address fever and how to properly treat it.

First of all, all you mommas out there stop fearing fever. Fever is a great thing. It’s the body’s natural defense system in fighting off infection. Plus, let’s be honest we secretly love it when our kids have fever and want to :

1) Chill out
3)Take long naps.

Or maybe that’s just me…

Let’s define what a fever is. Fever is a temperature measuring greater than 100.4. The most accurate way to check your child’s temperature is unfortunately a rectal temperature until they are old enough to hold the thermometer beneath their tongue. (I’m not saying you’re required to hold down your 2 year old and take a rectal temp….please don’t do it.) You can still check the temperature via the armpit, ear, or forehead. Just know that they are not technically as accurate.

Fevers can be worrisome IF:

  1. Your child is younger than 3 months old and has a fever over 100.4 rectally.
  2. Fever with a new onset of a skin rash
  3. Fevers that keep coming back even if they only last a few hours
  4. Fever that occurs in a child that has other significant medical conditions such as heart disease, lupus, sickle cell anemia
  5. If they are running a fever and refuse to drink fluids.
    *These are all times to go immediately to your health care provider. No question.*

You should call your health care provider to see if they feel you need an appointment IF:

  1. Your child (age 3 months to 3 years) has had a fever over 100.4 for more than 3 days.
  2. Your child has had a fever measuring over 104 by mouth or an armpit temperature over 103.

And as I always love to say, FOLLOW YOUR MOMMY GUT. If there is a question they need to be seen, then at minimum call. They can then help you decide what you need to do and if you need to be seen.

But if you read nothing else, read this: FEVERS ARE A GOOD THING. STOP FEARING THEM!

Remember we offer Evisits. This is great to utilize for after hour care or weekend illnesses. Because let’s be honest every kid we know doesn’t get sick until after 5 PM on a Friday evening. Click HERE for an Evisit appointment.

As always I hope you stay happy and healthy!


Carolyn Clark, NP-C

PS- MOPS, thank you again for having me! As always I loved being with you all!