Here is our Covid-19 update for our office. Please know that from the bottom of our hearts we are trying to do what is right for everyone. It’s a frustrating and somewhat scary season of life. We not only care about our patients but the general population as a whole. This is why we have to conserve testing, not only at our clinic, but also at additional available testing sites. If you read nothing else, know this: We are here for you!

Update found in the video above:

1. We understand many people want to be tested but please do not get frustrated if we or your own health care provider tells you no to testing and instead just recommends self-quarantine. There is a major shortage of testing supplies and we have to conserve those for those who are acutely ill or those that have significant risk of poor outcomes from this illness.

2. Go to the CDC. Gov website and there is a self-check tool to determine if you qualify for testing. Here is the link:…/2019-n…/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html

3. We are offering telemedicine for as many patients as possible. If you do feel you may have Covid-19 symptoms feel free to do a virtual visit with us. We can then let you know if you should be tested or not and how to get testing if you need it. Simply go to:

4. We do have a respiratory panel swab that helps detect multiple bacteria and viruses that can cause upper respiratory symptoms. This is readily available and results are back typically in 48 hours. This can help rule IN other viruses or bacteria that can cause similar symptoms to Covid-19.

5. Serological testing is on its way but it will not be available to our office initially due to it being placed at hotspots first. Stay tuned and when it is available we will let you all know how to get tested, and the cost.

As always we are here for you! Call 417-332-3639 for questions or concerns. Comment on the video, or email me at [email protected] Or request a virtual visit today.

I hope you stay happy and healthy. Be well!


Carolyn Clark, NP-C